Our Story

We are a small team of three based in Belgium; me, my wife and last but certainly not least, our German Shepherd Nero.
See that good boy on top of the page? Yep, that’s him.
We’ve been working on this project for about 2 years. Our goal is to build a community for German Shepherd owners
who need help and advice about this breed.
Our attention got caught by our awesome dog. His growth and upbringing raise many questions in our minds.
Every time something happened or changed with Nero we made sure to do some proper research about this awesome breed.
This is what drove us to the conclusion of creating a website that contains useful tools and information specific to German Shepherd Dogs.
The decision of going online was like a natural part of our journey.
Doing something we love to help the breed we’re passionate about.
Useful and healthy products are a must to ensure the growth of our loyal companions.
Unfortunately, finding the right advice isn’t always that easy. That’s where we step in.
Welcome, and enjoy!